Friday, March 29, 2013

Meet Wolf Moon

Meet Wolf Moon

On Maui I learn that each full moon has a name.  The one in January is called the Wolf Moon.

I guess having been born and raised in the Seattle area, I never thought much about full moons, as they often are MIA.  Years have gone by and I have not being wowed by full moons.

So we get to Maui in October and are sitting watching the sunset at the Honokowai beach across from our apartment.

We start to chat with a few neighbors when behind me a light turns on.  I think it must be park lights. It is so bright.  I turn around and it is the moon.  I am flabbergasted it is so brilliant.

Kevin and Faye start talking about Haleakala and how they treated themselves to a moonrise/sunset experience this past August.

I have never been thrilled at the prospect of getting up at 3 or 4am to drive in the dark, up to the top of a 10,000 foot volcano, in hopes that the skies were clear enough to witness the sunrise.  I knew it must be spectacular, but I was not motivated.

However, after hearing about their moonrise/ sunset experience I become excited.  I feel this is not only doable but in the realm of possibilities AND  I want to share this experience with Garrett and Erin.

Only a few details need to be worked out and occur simultaneously.  First no clouds/rain  at the top of the volcano.  Second no high winds.  Cars have been known to blow off the road!  Often the parks department closes the top portion of the road in order to prevent cars from cascading over the side.  And finally Garrett and Erin have to schedule a visit during a full moon.

They came in November - no go.  They came in January -  Huston we have a go! Not only is it a go  it is the WOLF MOON!  The crazy cool thing about the Wolf full moon on Maui and perhaps elsewhere is that the timing of the two events sunset/moonrise occur with in a minute of each other.

We drive up early and tour high country.  We arrive to the summit about 30 minutes before sunset/moonrise.  We have time to do a little bit of exploring.  Garrett and Erin go off to see the "Shifting Sands".  We go up a hill to see if we can still breath at 10,000 plus feet.

We drive up to the observatory parking lot.  The car is gasping for air.  We are at the highest  peak and here are these amazing plants, the silver sword.  I now know we have left planet!





Self Portrait from top of Haleakala

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