Sunday, February 20, 2011

A GPS Guide for the Traveler - Chapter Two: UR the Center of Your Universe

I ask you - how often do you feel like you are the center of the universe? If you are like me, not too often. Most of the time I just frankly feel grateful that I am still part of the universe!
So if you need an ego boost, may I suggest you engage your GPS system. Why? Because no matter who you are or where you are, in the eyes of your GPS System you are the center of the universe.
Crazy idea, but important to remember.
The GPS technology is here for you. It is here to guide, to maximize efficient use of your time, to enhance and to make your life easier. I have found that when I remember this fact and use my GPS system everything becomes easier and correct in my universe... Ok, getting to place to place and on time becomes easier..
So remember you are like Rome and all roads lead from you to what you need or your desired destination the world with this thought in mind use of the GPS will start to make more sense and to fall quickly into place.  Read More

Monday, February 7, 2011


Sometimes things just aren’t what they seem at first glance.... Sometimes like this hippo swimming in her pond, a lot of “surprise” is hidden underneath!  

Have you ever asked yourself where did GPS come from? What does GPS stand for anyway? And why is it so prevalent today... yet can’t recall any history about this form of technology? Those questions are answered in this article.
My first impression of a GPS system was that it was a pain in the butt...
As I said earlier first off, I am not a fan of technology. At best I find technology a bothersome tool and at every opportunity I resist - much like a donkey who has its feet dug into the dirt.
My husband and son on the other hand are tech geeks. They love all forms of technology and between the two of them I am provided with many opportunities to experience this kind of stuff - I am not sure if they provide me with these opportunities in hope that I will come over to the “other side” or if they find sadistic pleasure in seeing me struggle.
Typical with this pattern, my first experience with a GPS system was met with hostile resistance. I love maps. I love navigating. I am happy doing those things... and besides what in the heck is a GPS, anyway?
“Without my knowledge, as I pack for a weekend visit to see my son, my husband who has purchased a GPS is down loading the GPS program onto our portable lap top, as he wants to try it out on this trip.
We are ready to leave and I have just buckled my seat belt when he hands me our computer and says “Hold this on your lap.”
Why?” I ask. “
"Cause this will tell us how to find Garrett’s new home.”
Our son’s home is a mere 6 hour drive away and besides we know were he lives!
“Ughhh!” is my only reply.  Read More