Thursday, October 14, 2010

Easter Aquhorities, Inverurie, Scotland

Easter Aquhorthies was the second recumbent stone circle we saw in Scotland.  We visited it on our drive from Inverurie to Stirling.  Like every other historical monument it was in a field outside of somewhere. 

Here are the directions I found on line as I wrote this article - I laughed out loud when I read them and was really glad we had our GPS to navigate, as we still needed additional guidance once we got to the “good farm track” :-)

“How to Find Easter Aquhorthies Stone Circle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.... Easter Aquhorthies stands about 18 miles west of Aberdeen and about two miles west of the town of Inverurie. Coming from Aberdeen, it can be reached by a road which goes off to the left from the main A96 opposite the second entrance to Inverurie and Morrison's supermarket.

This narrow unclassified road goes up a gentle hill and ends in a Historic Scotland car park. From here it's an easy 5-10 minute walk through fenced fields to the stone circle, firstly along a narrow tarmac road and then along a good farm track.”   Read More

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