Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dark Chocolate. hmmmmm.  

Chocolate candy, cakes and sauces.  

I will share with you in these first series of stories,  my experiences exploring Seattle's Chocolate Factories.  

Today, however, I will just leave you with pictures of some very yummmy chocolate things.


Anonymous said...

This is so unfair, Barbara......I would never expect YOU, of ALL people (tsk), to tantalize us with oodles of chocolate goodies, start our mouths watering PROFUSELY....AND not have a single WARNING or CAUTION sign about your website seriously unleashing any dieting issues that may lurk in our DNA....Life just isn't fair!!

Love you, your site and your your delicious tastes of life.

xo Darlene

Anonymous said...

PS Oh, by the way, my blog name is "yiayia" (grandmother in Greek) since our youngest produced a PERFECT grandson for us!